5 days left to register for The Global Boardroom

In case you missed it, we're also working together with the Financial Times on a groundbreaking online event, The Global Boardroom.

Before our Couch Conferences kick off on May 29, we'll be bringing together the most senior global decision makers and leading minds in policy, business, tech, and finance to gather for three days of online conversations on May 12-14 – and you can register your place for free.


Digital marketing in 2020


In a world under lockdown, people are watching how brands respond. Important considerations must be made: from aligning corporate and social missions, to communicating with the right sensitivity, tone, and timing. Digital marketing has become more important than ever for brands to reach their audience. Marketers must react fast to maximize ROIs amidst consumer disruption.

Our new online event, Re:Brand will leverage expert insights to tackle questions like:

  • How can brands manage the current crisis, and emerge as social and profitable leaders?

  • How can digital marketers quickly adapt their strategy to achieve better results?

【第十七屆國家新創獎】 即日起至7月15日止開放參賽角逐~





遴選具扶持創新創業之能量,足以協助新創團隊加速營運發展之機構,予以公開獎勵表揚,推薦予各界。為表彰獲獎創新育成機構、提高國內外能見度,本屆賽事除舉辦最大規模獎項盛會-國家新創獎受獎典禮暨Demo Day,現場由政府首長、專家委員及超過1500位產學研醫創新代表共同



**相關辦法及國家新創獎手冊電子檔請至官網瀏覽下載(網址:  )。

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