Briefing on
Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share 2020
(Past webinar)








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Past webinar:

Date: Friday September 25, 2020 

Time: 8:15-8:30 CET (14:15-14:45TW)

Location: Teams (click the link here, or see link below)


Moderator:  Valerie Hsu, TGN/Tiger Accelerator

Presenter:    Jean Swanborn, TGN/Tiger Accelerator


  1. Topic 1: Vision & Mission of Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share 2020 by Valerie Hsu, TGN/Tiger Accelerator

  2. Topic 2: Whova user guidance, Jean Swanborn, TGN/Tiger Accelerator

  3. Topic 3: Invitation to join and benefit, by Valerie Hsu, TGN/Tiger Accelerator

  4. Topic 4: Q&A


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