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Jumper20 'Go Digital' - your fastlane into Europe

Opportunities in Europe

In the current Covid19 ruled situation, online innovative solutions are skyrocketing. The demand in Europe is high. This opens up huge opportunities for innovative Asian companies. To help Asian companies enter the internal market of Europe, Tiger Accelerator (Taiwan) and WorldStartup (The Netherlands) offer the 8-week agile Jumper20 program online.


Jumper20  is your Fastlane into Europe.


In the 8-week agile development program, you will:

➔ validate your business for the European market

➔ design the best entry strategy

➔ prepare for execution

➔ get connected to partners and investors


The program is fully online, taking away the need to travel great distances.

Is this program for you?

➔ You run your company in East/South-East Asia

➔ You are an ambitious entrepreneur with a global mindset

➔ You are interested to galvanise opportunities in Europe

➔ You have an innovative digital service/product. Especially: Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Artificial        Intelligence, and Smart City solutions.

➔ You’re determined to generate a substantial sustainable impact with your venture.


• October 9 deadline for applications

• October 13 selection interviews

What’s in it for you?

With this program, you will be able to take some big steps towards your international ambitions. In a short period of time, you will determine your strategy and set the roadmap for entering the European market. In the process, you will get connected to potential partners and investors.


Your investment in this program is € 1.990.

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