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Tiger Growth Forum 台荷成長論壇#9
 1.5-hour Webinar in English
(全程英文+ 每頁簡報中文簡譯)
(2020/6/24, Wednesday, 16:00TW / 10:00 CET)


‘Three strategic routes into Europe’

a practical guide to developing your plan to conquer the European market.!

Challenges and opportunities for Taiwanese companies

to create your top three strategic routes into Europe!





Tiger Accelerator is pleased to introduce our valuable strategic partner, Pim de Bokx, Chairman of Dutch Incubation Association and Chairman of Taiwan Globalization Network-TGN. Pim is specialized in designing the effective incubator and accelerator model to support the growth of startups and scale-ups. Pim is dedicated to advising to design the internationalization strategy and roadmap for startups and scale-ups.

Pim will discuss how the increase the success rates of your internationalization strategy by identifying your three strategic routes into Europe!

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Speaker introduction:



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【Date & Time】Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 10:00-11:30 CET (16:00-17:30TW)

【Location】      Webinar, invite upon registration

【Moderator】  Dr. Valerie Hsu, Director, TGN & Tiger Accelerator

【Speaker】       Mr. Pim de Bokx, Internationalization startup expert


【Agenda】       16:00TW-17:30TW  [10:00-11:30CET]

  15:55-16:00 TW  Sign-in webinar 

  16:00-16:03 TW  Introduction by Dr. Valerie Hsu

  16:03-16:50 TW  ‘Three strategic routes into Europe’ by Mr. Pim de Bokx

  16:50-17:00 TW   Q&A and exchange information

Contact Dr.Valerie Hsu /















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Pim de Bokx

  • Chairman of Taiwan Globalization Network-TGN

  • Business Incubator Developer, Consultant

  • Economic Development, Developer/Trainer

  • Entrepreneurship training.

Pim is an entrepreneur since he was teenager. He studied Landscape Architecture and Business Science and had companies at the same time.

After a motor accident he stepped into incubation with BViT innovation network to enhance innovation and the creation of new enterprises.

The main branch invested and operates university connected third generation incubators called “network enabled Cluster incubators” where‘clever cooperation’ is the primary management philosophy. He sold BViT in 2011.

In 2011, Pim received the International Business Incubation Champion Award from UKBI. And he joined TGN to develop the Netherlands-Taiwan internationalization programs.

Pim de Bokx博克斯主席

  • 台灣企業國際化協助網絡主席

  • 商業育成顧問

  • 經濟發展推廣師

  • 創新創業企業人才培育專家

Pim 年輕時,就是一位企業家。他讀景觀建築設計與經濟學時,同時也擁有一間公司。在一場摩托車車禍後,他開始創設BViT創新發展網絡,進入創新育成領域,藉由提升創新創意的新創企業人才的培育和發展。 BViT的主要投資與經營領域,是設立與大學連結的第三代育成中心,並以智慧型的互助合作方式,為主要的經營管理理念,創新育成界稱之為“網絡群聚效應的育成中心“。

在2011年,Pim 得到UKBI 頒發的全球商業育成冠軍獎。 同時也加入 TGN,發展荷蘭與台灣的國際鏈結。

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