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10 fundamentals for a successful globalization


June. 13th 2019, 15:00-17:00

National Taipei University of Technology, Everlight building 4th floor

How to make Taiwan’s technologies relevant for a global market and environment 

It has come to the 4th. session of Tiger Growth Forum! One of Tiger Accelerator's goal is to share the resources with all the entrepreneurs/partners. Over the last decades Nelson has been developing winning strategies, creating and building world leading brands in fortune 100 companies, leading Asian corporations, SEM.



 日期 Date:2019/06/13 (四)

 時間 Time:15:00-17:00

 地點 Location:臺北科技大學億光大樓4樓會議室 (臺北市忠孝東路三段197號、193巷旁)

                            National Taipei University of Technology, Everlight Building 4th floor



 14:50-15:00  Welcoming drinks & registration / Opening & Welcome

 15:00-15:05   Introduction of Tiger Accelerator Taipei 


 15:05-15:30   TBD19 & SUFH’19 & RAPID-Health

                          1 month program in Utrecht, the Netherlands  

                          歐洲快速創新與業務發展一個月計畫  / Esther Wu (Consultant of Tiger Accelerator)

15:30-16:10    10 fundamentals for a successful globalization (1)   

                          國際品牌戰略家 Nelson Farfan Espada

16:10-16:15    茶憩

16:15-17:00    10 fundamentals for a successful globalization (2)   

                          國際品牌戰略家 Nelson Farfan Espada



  • 透過深度基層的研究探討, 來分析您的產品和服務

  • 策略性的模式和行動計劃已成功地一次又一次建立了成功的全球企業

  • 全球化和文化適切性所必須做到的

  • 只要先告知您所關心的,我們會根據您的需求, 幫您設定全球化發展計劃



  1. Deep dive essentials to prepare and analyze  your products and services

  2. Strategic modeling and action plan which has been successfully used again and again to build successful global businesses

  3. Essentials for globalizing and cultural must do’s

  4. Send your case in advance and we will work your case at the event to help you prepare your globalization plan

Ms. Esther Wu

Consultant of Tiger Accelerator



Nelson Farfan Espada

講師 Speaker: Nelson Farfan Espada

在過去的幾十年裡,國際品牌策略家 Nelson一直持續在發展致勝的品牌戰略,協助像是財富前100大的公司、世界知名的亞洲企業,SEM和新創企業, 打造世界領導品牌。 現在,他正在世界各地分享他的經驗。

指導單位:                                                                                 主辦單位:                      協辦單位:

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